Attention: Family, Friends, and Patrons of the St. Paul Community Church and Sugarland Community


The Sugarland Ethno History Project cordially invites you to join us in honoring our founding families and the descendants of the Sugarland community. We are in the process of making a brick memorial walkway around the Historic  St. Paul Community Church. Each brick is engraved with family names or your personal choice of inscription.  This walkway of bricks may consist of both living and deceased loved ones.  Each brick will support two lines of script (fifteen letters per line). 


What a wonderful inheritance to provide for future generations and to commemorate our past generations of loved ones.  


To cover the cost of the bricks, the installation fee, and fundraising efforts, we are asking a $50.00-donation per brick.  Please provide inscription with each order. Samples of inscribed bricks are provided herewith for your viewing at the top of this page. Click the picture to enlarge.

Click the link below to complete and print the order form.

Link to Order Form for Memorial Bricks


Points of Contact: Gwen Reese:

Patricia Richards:



The Sugarland Ethno History Project, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.

Thank You,

The Sugarland working group


HISTORIC ST PAUL COMMUNITY CHURCH FUND RAISER DVD $40.00. PACKET includes a souvenir church book mark, postcard, note card, Cornerstone brochure, and Heritage day brochure.

About the DVD:
This Documentary (COMMUNITY CORNERSTONES) presents reminiscences by elders from a select group of historical African American Churches (of which St. Paul is one). Taken together, their words explain how these communities developed, illustrate life in segregated times, and convey their pride in the accomplishments of their ancestors.
Because music is such an integral part of the African American experience, the choirs associated with each featured church play a part in this project, as well. Their music can be heard on the soundtrack, as well as on the accompanying audio CD. Full performances are featured on the DVD extras.

About St. Paul:
All proceeds from your purchase of the DVD will go towards building the museum, on site, at the Historic St. Paul Community Church. The souvenir packet is our way of saying, thank you for your support.
Contact us @ 301-717-9304


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