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Master Sergeant Wendy Lee Pritchett USAF (Ret)

In This world we live in, daily, we encounter numerous challenges that we describe as being a “Cycle of Events.”


We experience the miracle of birth, and at some point, we try making preparations for our departure to a better place.  However, the events that surround us will either make us better men and women, or totally destroy us.  Mine has made me a Better person!


Fifty-seven years ago, in Bethesda, Maryland, was born a young child by the name of Wendy Althea Lee.  Growing up in Poolesville, Maryland, in the small city of Sugarland, I attended Edward U. Taylor Elementary School in Boyds, Maryland.  During the era of non-segregation, I attended Poolesville Jr. /Sr. High School, and graduated on June 18, 1968.  After graduation, I went to Monterey, California, to pursue a career in Mortuary Science.  While there, I was advised to do my Apprenticeship then return to do my course of study, as I was too young, at the time, to sit for the State Boards.  I came back to Maryland, had the proper documentation signed by Mr. Robert C. Snowden of Snowden’s Funeral Home, PA, but I never pursued, thus beginning my Federal Government career on June 9, 1970.  I attended two years of University of District of Columbia (formerly known as Federal City College) with a study in Accounting.


Now, I am at work doing well on March 31, 1977.  I parked on the street, and at lunch time, I went out to move my car, as not to get a ticket.  White Flint Mall had just opened and I wanted to check in out, while thinking “I don’t have any money (before payday) so you know what I’m gonna do, I’m going to join the Military.”  I went to see the recruiter, scheduled my aptitude test, and on Friday, April 1, 1977, I called and he said, “Miss Lee, I have your test score.  You passed!  Welcome to the United States Air Force.”  The rest is history, and what a journey this has been.  It has been one of the very best decisions in my life, except for Tuesday, May 23rd, 1971, the day I accepted Jesus as my Savior.


During my Twenty-Seven year tenure, I have served on some of the most rewarding assignments, and then there were some that I found to be a bit uneasy.  I have traveled the United States and parts of the world that I couldn’t imagine.  My travels have taken me to serve my Country in places such as: Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Maine, Georgia, Nation’s Capital, Delaware, North and South Carolina, Hawaii, Paris France, London England, several countries in Europe, and as far away as Riyadh, and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, while my home base being, none other than that of Air Force One, Andrews Air force Base, Camp Springs, Maryland.

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From left to right Sandra Hebron (Mother), Tenllia and Joy (Daughters),
Milton Samuel Hebron, Jr. (Father) and Tayone (Son)



I want to first thank my Aunts Gwen and Patricia for creating a website that helps preserve our family history.  I must confess that I was a little intimidated when I read some of the bio's and accomplishments of many of my relatives, for my story is a simple one.  I don't have a lot of memories of my time in Sugarland but I do remember Grandma Ada, all my Aunts and most of my Uncles.  I do remember playing outside the church, running around Grandma Ada's property and the trips from DC to Poolesville, which as a kid seemed like a day's drive.  My dad passed away when I was four years old.  Losing my Dad at that age just wasn't fair.  I was often told stories about him by my Aunt Vivian.  As a kid, I always felt like me and Aunt Vivian had a special bond.  My favorite memory of her was when she would come up behind me then gently tug my ear; it always made me feel comforted.  She was really special.  I was your typical DC teenage boy -- in trouble all the time (smile) -- thought I knew it all; then, God showed me I didn't know nothing at all.  I like to call that moment the calm after the storm.  I moved to California with my wife and. at that time. two kids; then, came baby girl Tenillia.  I call her (mookie moo), but don't you try it, only I can call her that without getting hit (smile).  I worked at a Psychiatric Hospital for the past 17 years.  Tayone and Joy are currently working there, as I have now relocated back to DC.  God has made a way for me to be back around my family.  I missed out on so much over the past 20 years but I've been getting in touch with aunts, cousins, friends -- it’s really been more than my poor heart can stand.  Growing up, I didn't know that we had so much proud family history and I don't want my kids, nieces, nephews, or grand-kids to not know.  I hope to see more bio's on our site.  I hope to connect with more relatives.  P.S.:  Patricia Richards is my cousin but I've always looked at her as my aunt, and I can't say her name without saying aunt first.  


Milton Samuel Hebron, Jr.   (D.O.B 7-9-64)

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